Course Director(s)

Lee Kirksey, MD
Vascular Surgeon
Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
Heart & Vascular Institute
Cleveland Clinic

Guest Faculty

Allan M. Boike, DPM, FACFAS
Dean, Kent State Univerity's College of Podiatric Medicine
Kent State University
Kent, OH
Daniel Clair, MD
Chair of Surgery
Director of Surgical Services
Vascular Surgery
Palmetto Health
Kathleen Schaum, MS
Kathleen D. Schaum & Associates, Inc.
Lake Worth, FL
Medhi Shishehbor, DO, MPH, PhD
Vascular Medicine
University Hospitals Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute
Jacob Wynes, DPM, MS
Instructor of Orthopedics
University of Maryland Medical Center
Baltimore, MD

Facility Faculty

George Anton, MD
Vascular Surgery
Hillcrest Hospital
Maja Babic, MD
Infectious Disease
Medicine Institute
Natalia Fendrikova Mahlay, MD
Cardiovascular Medicine
Heart & Vascular Institute
Douglas Joseph, DO
Director, Vascular Medicine
Outpatient Department
Medical Director, Vascular Medicine
Vein Health Clinic
Co-Medical Director, Multi-disciplinary Lymphedema Clinic
Heart & Vascular Institute
Roy Miler, MD
Department of Vascular Surgery
Sydell and Arnold Miller Family
Heart and Vascular Institute
Nicole Nicolosi, DPM
Christopher Smolock, MD, FACS
Vascular Surgery
Heart & Vascular Institute

Meeting Planning Committee

Georgeanne Botek, DPM
Head, Section of Podiatry
Medical Director, Diabetic Foot Clinic
Orthopedic & Rheumatologic Institute
Cleveland Clinic
Jacalyn Brace, PhD, CNP
Vascular Surgery
Heart & Vascular Institute
Cleveland Clinic
Barbara Hocevar, MSN
Assistant Director
WOC Nursing Education
Cleveland Clinic